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Brantford – Federal NDP Candidate Marc Laferriere and Thunder Bay-Rainy River MP John Rafferty toured Brantford, Brant County and Six Nations on Friday and engaged in a series of community discussions and town halls about the HST and other issues of local concern.

The HST was easily the number one topic of the day.  

“The HST is not a done deal.  It still needs one more vote in the House of Commons to be pushed through.  I’m urging all the residents in this wonderful riding to call both their MP and their MPP and let your concerns be heard,” said Rafferty.  “You have to let them know you don’t support the HST and they don’t have your vote.  That second part is important it’s the only way they will listen.”

“I have not seen an issue that has unified so many people in this riding in a long while.  It is a shame that both the Federal Conservatives and the Provincial Liberals refused to consult the public on the HST.  The majority of the people I’ve been speaking with all across this community are angry that this is going to effect their ability to take care of their loved ones, their businesses and their communities” said Laferriere.  “People are frustrated and our local elected officials need to know that.”

Laferriere summed up the feedback he had received from the tour with the following, “An 8% increase on items like fuel, utilities, hockey registration and many other goods and services is going to have a negative impact on a lot of folks here locally.  Small and medium sized businesses are going to take a hit as their costs increase and their markets shrink after already struggling through the recession.  Finally, ignoring the point of sale exemption and treaty rights of our allies from Six Nations is no way to collaborate and work together in good faith to settle land claim disputes.” 

We urge you to call your area representatives in Ottawa and Queens Park and leave them the message that “I don’t support the HST and you don’t have my vote.”

Brant MP Phil McColeman can be reached at: 519-754-4300 or

Brant MPP Dave Levac can be reached at:519-759-0361 or



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