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Red Shirt Black Suit 01Laferriere ends multitude of anti-prorogation activities with a 2-day working trip to Ottawa/Parliament.   Will meet with MP’s, staffers and organizations about Brant Riding issues and concerns. 

Brantford, ON – Federal NDP Candidate Marc Laferriere (Brant) will be in Ottawa this Thursday and Friday, to hold meetings in with seated MP’s and staff to discuss issues of local concern on the last days of prorogation.

One of the MP’s Laferriere will be meeting with is Paul Dewar (Ottawa-Centre) to discuss the recognition of foreign credentials and strategies to support military families in Brant.

“These are important issues locally that are related to Mr. Dewar’s role as the NDP Foreign Affairs Critic,” said Laferrriere  “We have highly trained, highly skilled immigrants who are unable to work in this community in fields like medicine, engineering and many others.  At the same time we have military families that are woefully under supported financially and socially in this riding.  We must support both our troops fighting valiantly and their families here at home. We want to see that happen locally and federally.”

“Despite Prime Minister Harper’s attempt to suppress interest and debate on the issues of the day we have been working successfully at a local level and now we are working to build the necessary relationships in Ottawa to continue that work if elected,” said Laferriere.  “What Mr. McColeman and the Conservative leadership have tried to run away from we tackle head on.  Working for Brant at Parliament during prorogation is just another example.”

“Our current elected Member of Parliament has been such a staunch supporter of Prorogation” said Laferriere’s campaign manager Brian Van Tilborg.  “The majority of Canadian’s including those in Brant riding have wanted to see their elected officials at Parliament doing what they were elected to do.  It is interesting that a Candidate will have spent more time in Ottawa so far this year than our current MP.”

Since prorogation The Brant NDP have been busy.  One of the more innovative concepts has been the candidate’s anti-prorogation blog “The Week That Could Have Been” where Laferriere writes about an issue he would have raised in the House of Commons during the week.  Topics have included Jobs, Stimulus Spending, Crime, and the Environment.  The description from the website ( describes the blog as Laferriere’s attempt to “bring awareness to issues that affect Brant Riding while also appreciating how prorogation affects our democracy and ability to engage in debate.”  The last of these blogs will detail Laferriere’s trip to Ottawa in his own words.

Other local Initiatives have included their Anti-HST Tour with MP John Rafferty (Thunder Bay – Rainy River), Anti-Prorogation rallies in Brantford and Hamilton, establishing Brant Riding’s Young New Democrats of Canada, adding to the ranks of their executive, establishing a new logo, growing their online presence, community work and event planning.

“We are making a point that this is a community that will stand up for itself.  We are feeling a kind of momentum that is really special in Brant.  The Prime Minister and his MP’s have tried to pull a fast one here.  Instead of suppressing interest in the poor decisions they have been making the opposite has been happening.  In this riding people are becoming more engaged in the issues of the day be it the HST, employment, Afghan detainees, the environment, holes in our stimulus spending, crime and even the nature of Canadian democracy,” said Laferriere. “It’s inspiring.”

Van Tilborg a former federal and provincial candidate himself summed up “Look at all the work Marc has been doing as a candidate.   Brant residents will be even more impressed when he is in office.”

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