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BRANTFORD – Sixty per cent of Canadians are living paycheque to paycheque and many use credit cards just to cover the basics.  The Federal NDP is planning to take that message – and what they would do to make life more affordable – to doors all across the country on their upcoming National Day of Action on Affordability.


While the NDP fights to make life affordable for hard-working residents, the Conservative government hands breaks to its well-connected insiders and friends, said Marc Laferriere, the Brant NDP’s federal candidate of record.


“For years in Brant, we have been working on issues surrounding affordability,” Laferriere said. “Whether it was our campaign to take the HST off home heating, or pushing for a federal commissioner to investigate collusion and price-fixing by oil companies on gas prices, Canadians are sick of being gouged. This lack of affordability prevents folks from spending and saving in ways that make more sense to their families.”


On behalf of millions of Canadians struggling to make ends meet, the Brant NDP invites all residents to meet at Sophia’s Bakery and Cafe, located at 60 Colborne Street, on Saturday, Feb. 22 at 11 a.m.


Volunteers will head to Eagle Place for a canvassing blitz during the National Day of Action on Affordability Issues in Brantford. Brant’s participants will talk to their neighbours about the NDP’s costed affordability plan, by knocking on doors in solidarity with hundreds of Canadians from coast-to-coast.


“On a whole range of issues – cellular fees, internet fees, banking fees, credit card swipe fees and payday loans – we pay far more than people living in comparable countries,” Laferriere said. “We pay some of the highest rates for these services in the world and it’s simply unfair. We need the government to advocate on behalf of consumers, as other governments do in comparable countries.”


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