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Brantford, ON – Close to 100 people attended the Brant NDP’s Shine a Light Campaign event Tuesday night, a candlelight vigil for those people being affected by issues of affordability.


“We want everyone to know the impact that the tax burden is having on people across in our community,” said Marc Laferriere, Brant Federal New Democratic candidate. “The introduction of the HST in Ontario is causing many people to struggle.  With areas like ours that are the frontline of the recession we feel that deeply.  We need to push our governments to remove the HST from necessities like home heating for the benefit of everyone, not just those who struggle.”


The candlelight vigil was another in a series of unique events held by the Brant NDP aimed at bringing awareness to real issues affecting real people in Brant. Those who attended the event lit a candle in silent protest of the rising cost of living in Ontario, and were supported by candles in the windows of homes throughout Brant. There were also speeches on affordability given by members of the community.


 -Paris, On resident Nathan Etherington came with his home made sign


“Tonight brought together a community who can no longer afford to pay for the continued tax grabs and tax shifts that are hurting people throughout Brant riding. Affordability issues matter and our government needs to understand that,” said Laferriere. “People in Brant are paying more for the necessities of life and many of them, like our seniors, do not get a raise to cover these additional taxes. That’s not right.  We’re calling on the government to listen to those voices, to see what is happening and to work with us to fix it.”


The introduction of the Harmonized Sales Tax has added an additional 5 per cent tax to home heating bills. Coupled with the rise in heating costs, families are paying significantly more for home heating than at this time last year. The federal New Democrats are calling on the current government to remove the HST from home heating.

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