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Toronto, ON – Federal New Democratic Party leader Jack Layton joined Brant Federal New Democrat Candidate Marc Laferriere at Ontario Provincial Council this afternoon to announce that the riding of Brant has won phase one of the Local Victories Membership Challenge. 

“This is a phenomenal grassroots effort, building our movement for change,” said Mr. Layton, the Federal New Democrat Leader, while speaking of a year of continued success in Brant riding.

Today’s announcement continues to shed light on the work of the team in Brant, and the support Marc’s campaign has gained in the riding in recent months. Brant riding was responsible for 25 per cent of new NDP memberships received from August to October 2010. In April, Brant received a similar ‘Local Victories’ honour, as it was revealed that the local riding association was the number one fundraiser in Ontario. This summer, as a result of these accomplishments, and the hard work and dedication of volunteers in Brant, the riding association was named as the Most Improved riding in all of Canada.

“It has been a banner year for us in Brant. I’m so proud of the efforts of our volunteers in building our movement here,” said Laferriere. “This is a testament to the drive for change in Brant. We have a volunteer base that is working for the kind of country we want, and the kind of community we want. We will continue to help that grow”

In recognition of the efforts of the work of the NDP in Brant, the riding has received an honourarium to cover costs for a complimentary marketing campaign and training for the many dedicated volunteers. The volunteer workshop will take place in Brantford on Saturday, December 4th from 1:00pm to 4:00pm at the Brantford District Labour Centre, located at 1100 Clarence Street S. For more information regarding the training, please call 519-751-9111 or e-mail at