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Fron the Brant News’ Website 

Written by Sean Allen


Toronto anti-poverty advocate Cathy Crowe spent Tuesday evening in Brantford to bolster NDP Candidate Marc Laferriere’s campaign and highlight issues she cares about.

“I have put my efforts in the right places (during the campaign),” Crowe said. “(Laferriere) gets the issues I care about.”

Crowe arrived by bus in the afternoon on Tuesday and Laferriere took her to visit Why Not City Missions youth drop-in centre on Colborne Street.

Drop-in centre manager Trevor Beecraft said there should be a much bigger focus on at-risk youth during this federal election campaign.

“They will become the homeless and needy demographic in the future,” he said. “The sooner we can intervene, the better chance we have of putting them on a successful path.”

Laferriere said he is calling for a national anti-poverty strategy.

“Doing things in silos and regionally does not provide the level of support needed,” he said.

Crowe and Laferriere also attended a public screening of the film Home Safe Hamilton at Sydenham United Church.

“The largest group of people who are becoming homeless are families with children,” Crowe said.

“This documentary shows how industrialization and job losses affected families in Hamilton.”

Laferriere said lessons learned in Hamilton are worth learning in Brant.

“What happens in Hamilton tends to happen here in Brant at a later date,” he said. ‘We often share highs and lows.”



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