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Recently literature went to homes on Six Nations of The Grand River entitled “Changing Times with Marc Laferriere”. This flyer describes the NDP’s plan to work together in a nation-to-nation relationship. Also included is a commitment from Canada’s New Democrats to call an inquiry into the issue of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women within 100 days of taking office.

The literature describes issues in indigenous communities as we have heard them regarding poverty, underfunded schools and unsafe water among others.

The literature also touts our party’s 22 indigenous candidates – the most of any party.

The literature also utilizes quotes from an editorial I wrote for the Two Row Times taking sharp aim at Conservative Minister of Aboriginal Affairs Bernard Valcourt for refusing to stand for recommendations made by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

The Harper Government is also taken to task for billions in lapsed spending they have allowed to be returned to government coffers when schools are falling apart and access to safe drinking water is still an issue for so many.

Other plans for a new era and a new relationship with Indigenous communities described in the literature include:
– The creation of a Cabinet level committee led by Tom Mulcair to take actions on TRC recommendations.

– Repealing Bill C-51

– Improving infrastructure and funding jobs for youth

– Immediate investment in First Nations’ housing

– Investing in education and removing the 2% cap on funding for first nations education

– Building community clinics and implementing a suicide prevention strategy

These and other issues are important to New Democrats and action is required.

Also included in the literature are numerous photos with national and local public figures including a meeting held in May in Ottawa with members of Tri-Council and members of the NDP Caucus.

Also photos from a recent visit to the riding with long-time NDP Aboriginal Affairs Critic Jean Crowder are included. In these meetings we heard about serious under-funding of Six Nations Fire Services and confirmed our support for the Save the Evidence Campaign at the Woodland Cultural Centre.

The photos show our desire and our willingness to meet with leadership in the communities that make up Brantford-Brant. We hope to hit the ground running on areas of mutual concern if elected and wanted to show that we have begun that work in earnest. These are important concerns to hear and to act on if elected.

It has come to my attention that these photos taken by NDP staff during our meetings in Ottawa and Six Nations could be misconstrued as an endorsement. That was never the intent and I apologize if anyone took it as such.

No statements of endorsement are part of this literature. These photos show the willingness of NDP MP’s and candidates to work with and stand with members of our local community and listen to them on a Federal level. When this came to my attention I personally called Chief Hill. I want to clarify that she remains neutral. I look forward to working together with all members of the community if elected on October 19th.