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It is year-end donation time. I am not fundraising for my nomination campaign and am covering those costs myself.

Instead if you are able to support please consider supporting the local Brantford-Brant campaign directly at the link below.

You can use interact or a credit card and it goes to helping elect whomever will be our candidate in 2015 AND it helps the local riding association do the less political community development things we do every year.

If you donate $10 before January, you’ll get $7.50 back on your 2015 tax return! $5 will help out the campaign, and that will only cost you $1.25!

With the election year now on the immediate horizon it all helps!

Thank you in advance. Every year, everyday people from our riding and across the country pitch in to bring a progressive voice to Parliament from Brantford-Brant. In 2015 we make it happen, together.

We have an amazing year ahead!