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Safer Communities Through Practical Solutions for Property Crime – Car Theft

Every day from February 21st -28th, I am going to talk about a different Crime Issue that has an impact in our community. I know that people in Brant are concerned about their safety and so are the NDP.

Time to discuss the issue of policing and enforcement, both locally and nationally. This issue is another example of what needs to be done in Canada and our communities to establish a system of justice that isn’t just tough, but tough and effective.

At a federal policing level, we need to start by making changes to the RCMP. We need to make sure that the RCMP has the necessary resources in order to properly coordinate with municipal and provincial police on organized crime, white collar crime, gang activity, and cyber crimes. It takes the help of police at all three levels to help catch these dangerous offenders and take them off our streets to keep the public safe. We need to increase the numbers of RCMP officers and provide them with better resources so that we can truly commit to an effective system of police enforcement.

An efficient policing system that coordinates efforts locally, provincially, and federally will help in eliminating some of the dangerous and damaging issues we have with our enforcement officials in this country.  An effective system for sharing information can change what police assume to what police know, creating a stronger culture of fact-based investigation that can keep us away from guess work. This especially applies to investigations dealing with white collar, drug, and gang-related crimes. 

Here in our community, we need to make sure that government gives us the freedom to use home-grown solutions to crime prevention and community policing. Every community in Canada has their own issues with crime that are unique to them. The federal government needs to provide support to help find local solutions for local problems.

One of the best examples locally would be support for dummy cars.  Dummy cars are vehicles that are used to bait car thieves.  These cars are set in places where car thefts often occur and are monitored by police.  When a car is broken into police are there to make arrests.  It is also quite a deterrent as more car thieves are arrested and word spreads.  By switching the cars regularly you also ensure effectiveness.  This need not be an expensive program as police have access to stolen and seized vehicles and a network can be created to share and swap these dummy cars between communities.

There are sadly many of areas in our community of Brantford, Brant, Six Nations and New Credit where a dummy car would work.  We have had huge problems with car thefts.  My own vehicle has been broken into on two occasions and it’s an invasion of your property that is both frustrating and also scary.  Most crimes are like this.  They have a financial effect and a serious mental effect too.  In the case of car theft these vehicles are also often used to perpetrate other more serious crimes. 

Programs like dummy cars need to come to Brant riding as a simple and inexpensive practical solution.

We need to continue to work hard in creating a justice system in Canada that is both tough and effective. Making changes to the way we police and enforce the laws here in Canada will lead to safer and stronger communities for all Canadians.  To make stronger and safer communities we need to support police services in establishing place-based strategies that deal with the unique issues of the area.

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