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As published in The Brantford Expositor January 7th, 2011.

Lately and prominently, from right-of-centre authors in these pages and others we have seen editorials with titles like “Envy Blinds the Left Wing Regarding The Realities of CEO Salaries.”

At the same time in London, Ont., controversy brews because workers there won’t take a 50% wage cut from a profitable company, with high paid CEOs that received millions in federal tax breaks.

In this scenario corporate interests says CEOs should get paid more than they do now, but that other hard working Canadians should be paid less.

How does anyone make sense of this hypocrisy?

The average working Canadian makes between $33,000 and 42,000 a year. Many make far less than that and the cost of living continues to rise – especially energy costs -so that working Canadians are finding it tougher to get by and get ahead.

At the same time, companies like Electro-Motive in London, have been given millions in tax cuts without any strings attached. The companies have benefited while the workers have not. Where has that money gone?

Many of these companies, like Electro- Motive, have increased the salaries of their CEOs, sat on the cash or worse yet have used it to fund moving their operations out of Canada.

We saw a similar and unfortunate result here in Brantford with the workers at ECP. We’ve seen similar issues across the country as the gap between the rich and other working people gets wider.

This isn’t a left versus right issue as Greg Van Moorsel declared. Nor is it a business versus union argument.

I am not in a union and, in fact, I own a small business. I’m dealing with accounts receivable and payable everyday.

And every day small business owners like me have been seeing these breaks to CEO’s and these large companies while smaller businesses are looking to grow, looking to hire and can’t.

I’m just a small business owner, one who wants to hire Canadians and grow the economy.

The breaks for me and small business owners like me are few while companies like Electro-Motive and their CEOs receive millions in tax breaks.

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