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The Conservative opposition to improving this bill is hard to understand. MPs from all parties have concerns about terrorism and public safety but oversight is also an important aspect of Parliament’s job.

Principled oversight is the job of all parliamentarians to make sure that sweeping legislation like this is not misused or applied incorrectly.

Tom Mulcair took a principled stand on this issue despite public opinion polls that were initially very supportive of the Bill.

The NDP’s concerns and suggestions for improving this bill have been echoed now by former Prime Ministers, security experts, academics and everyday citizens from across the country.

There’s nothing wrong with admitting a bill can be improved. This bill needs to be and Conservatives need to listen to these concerns and make these improvements. A thoughtful and balanced approach would be improvements to the bill that would include clearer language that would be harder for the government of the day to abuse for their own purposes and proper checks and balances on power with Parliamentary oversight.

Let’s not let fear prevent us from improving policy and protecting our rights and freedoms. Freedom and public safety have to go hand-in-hand.




– Marc Laferriere

Brantford-Brant Candidate for Canada’s New Democrats