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Beginning at 2pm on Sunday September 2, 2012 at Dufferin Park will be the Brantford stretch of the Crossing Canada for Katimavik Relay. The local portion of the relay will travel along Brant Ave and end at City Hall where participants will discuss the importance of the Katimavik youth program which was cut in the recent omnibus budget bill.

This hope of the organizers is to raise awareness and support of NDP MP Charmaine Borg’s Motion M-352 which would reinstate funding to Katimavik and will be voted on in the Fall session of Parliament.

“Its in support of an NDP motion but that is not the point,” said local organizer Marc Laferriere. “We’re hoping people from every party and people with no party affiliation come out and support this well liked and successful program for youth and host communities.”

The relay is taking place in over 50 former Katimavik host communities and a Katimavik t-shirt and journal will be traveling across the country with a petition that will be signed by a range of Canadians who support the program.

“I’m supporting Katimavik for the youth who benefit so much from it in service, in vital employability skills, and in increased knowledge about our country,” said Laferriere. “And also, because communities like ours have benefitted from being host cities for years. Its a good and positive program for kids and communities and it should never have been cut.”

To learn more about Ms. Borg’s motion and other ways to participate in these initiatives please visit: Those who require more information about the Brantford stretch of the relay can email Marc directly at or visit the Facebook event page at