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– Ed Broadbent and Federal NDP Candidate Marc Laferriere chat backstage at Poverty & Punchlines Event in Ottawa before sharing the stage.

Ottawa, ON – A night of comedic entertainment brought Brant NDP Candidate Marc Laferriere and Former NDP Leader Ed Broadbent together in Ottawa in support of Canada Without Poverty

“The work we do on this poverty issue is important because not addressing it now will make it worse over the next few decades,” said Broadbent, who serves alongside Laferriere on the Board of Directors for Canada Without Poverty.

The Poverty & Punchlines event, held in support of Canada Without Poverty, drew a crowd of over 500 people, including politicians like Mr. Broadbent, Trudeau era Health Minister Hon. Monique Begin and Green Party Leader Elizabeth May. Laferriere, who attended the event to introduce Mr. Broadbent and to speak about the poverty issue in Brantford, was himself introduced by CBC Radio Personality Steve Patterson.

“Poverty, and the rising rates of the working poor, needs to be a top 5 issue in all of our communities.  There is such a high cost to not addressing it and this will only get more expensive if put off,” commented Laferriere.

While the night did deliver comic relief from the likes of Patterson, Don Kelly, and headliner Mary Walsh, the need to address the issue of poverty in Canada was prominent throughout the evening.

– Actress and Comedian Mary Walsh and Canada Without Poverty Director Marc Laferriere pose for the press backstage at Poverty & Punchlines event in Ottawa.

“Realistic things like housing strategies, universal child care, raising the minimum wage, and tax credits for low-income families so they can buy nutritious meals and proper clothing for their children is not a utopian dream,” said Broadbent.  “They are quite possible and we can do it. We need to start focusing on people.”

When asked about Laferriere, Broadbent said, “We need people from all backgrounds working on this issue especially young people. Young politicians bring a strong voice and energy to the work. For them its imperative to look beyond the next four years and into the next forty.”

Canada Without Poverty is a non-partisan national agency which works to address the systemic causes of poverty. They are currently working on gathering support for a Pan-Canadian Poverty Eradication Strategy and a National Housing Plan.

Please enjoy the video below featuring Marc and Ed’s Comments:

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