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Marc stands with ECP workers during rally at Queen’s Park

Brant federal NDP candidate Marc Laferriere joined workers from Engineered Coated Products, NDP MPP’s, and other workers from across the province at Queen’s Park for a rally in support of workers’ rights and a ban on the use of replacement workers.

“Replacement workers’ issues affect everyone,” said Brant federal NDP candidate Marc Laferriere. “Federal and provincial New Democrats know how to work together to make sure that real issues are being addressed around employment.”

The rally was held in support of Bill C-45, the Labour Relations & Amendment Act, which was proposed by NDP MPP France Gelinas (Nickel Belt). The Bill looked to restore the rights of workers that were removed during the Mike Harris government in the 1990’s, as well as to ban the use of replacement workers during labour strikes. The Bill was going before the House for second reading this afternoon.   

“Provinces like British Columbia and Quebec already have this legislation in place. In 2007, there was a national policy introduced to ban replacement workers during labour disputes, and it was defeated by Liberals that originally supported the Bill. One hundred percent of New Democrats supported the policy, and New Democrats continue to support it.”

Among the supporters on hand were several workers from ECP in Brantford. ECP worker Gerald Lasalle took the podium to speak about what has been happening in Brantford over the past 2 ½ years. His words were inspiration for the hundreds rallying in support of the new legislation.

“We have to reinforce the need for full time good quality jobs. We can promote with legislation like Bill C-45. Legislation that would have made the ECP strike last 2 ½ weeks rather than 2 ½ years.”

Laferriere’s commitment to quality jobs has been demonstrated through his active support of workers in the community. He is the only local federal candidate to introduce a job creation strategy. The strategy can be found at:

NDP MPP Paul Miller (Hamilton East/Stoney Creek) joins Marc to talk to workers from ECP

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