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Brantford, ON – Brant Federal NDP Candidate Marc Laferriere will be discussing crime issues impacting our community in a series of articles starting this Monday.

“We all know crime-related issues are very important to residents in Brant riding,” said Laferriere. “I want everyone to be clear about what I feel our government should be doing to address these issues right here in our community.”

The series of articles will discuss seven major issues with crime that are having an impact in Brant riding. The issues covered will include topics such as white collar crime, violence against women, and crime prevention. The first article to be published will address the subject of youth gangs.

“The issues surrounding youth gangs are something I have been talking about for years now and organizing on,” said Laferriere. “The current government wants to cut funding to successful anti-gang programming. We know how important prevention programs are to this country’s anti-crime strategy. The long-term costs to cutting this funding will be significant when we have real opportunities for successful and cost effective crime prevention.”

Laferriere, a clinical social worker who does outreach with some of the most vulnerable populations in the area sums up his strong feelings on crime, “I work with the survivor’s of crime almost daily and have for years in this community.  We need to be both tough and effective on crime.  Tough on the perpetrators and effective on things like prevention, vicitm’s rights and rehabilition.”

The seven-part series on crime issues will begin Monday with Laferriere’s article on youth gangs. The articles will be made available on his website at: and the public is invited to leave comments on the website to further the discussion.

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