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Local NDP campaign focuses on hope, optimism and community voice in new ad.

BRANTFORD — Local NDP Candidate Marc Laferriere is pushing back against the politics of fear and division that has come to be a low-point of the current federal election campaign.

“The tone of the federal Conservative campaign when it comes to identity politics is disturbing,” said Laferriere “They’re working hard to distract the public from major issues such as childcare, pharmacare and jobs.”

Laferriere and his team have instead produced a new 30-second video highlighting the diversity of the riding and launched it on all social media platforms.

“Our video shows that the strength of our riding is its diversity. That’s our identity in Brantford-Brant,” Laferriere opined. “We’re urban and rural. We’re First Nations and multicultural. These are strengths and we should celebrate them – not let them divide.”

Laferriere has also recorded unscripted videos available online with Fat Panda Studios for their Election Central series, answered internet questions with Ida Adamowicz for a series of Q & A videos, and sat down for a series of videos made by Thru The Red Door Productions with Logan Staats and Shane Powless discussing issues of importance to Six Nations.

“We live in the most populous riding in the country. You can’t meet everyone but unscripted online videos allow voters to get a sense of who you are and what you stand for. It is a great tool for a modern campaign.”

On Facebook alone the 30 second video reached over 10,000 people within 20 hours and has been shared more than any video from any local campaign.