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 Jack Layton address the crowd at the first campaign speech of the 2011 election in Ottawa, On

Brantford, ON – Voters across Canada are frustrated by the cost of a federal election this spring. Here in Brant, federal NDP candidate Marc Laferriere shares people’s frustration over a government whose wasteful spending and serious contempt of Parliament has forced this election.

“We should be working together across party lines to make this country better.  There is a lot to do and we should work together to do it,” said Brant federal NDP candidate Marc Laferriere. “This government has pushed hard to try and spend $50 billion on projects that the majority of Canadians do not want. They’re projects that frankly don’t respond to the priorities of people in communities like Brant.”

Laferriere stated that he would have preferred to not have this election at this time and listed priorities he would have rather seen addressed by all the parties including: taking the HST off of home heating, improving support for seniors, and adding more doctors and nurses to ridings like Brant. 

“This budget failed to really address these issues and instead focused on massive spending on corporate tax cuts, fighter jets and prisons.  Spending billions on things most Canadians don’t agree with isn’t leadership.  Not being transparent with other elected officials on the cost of your programs isn’t leadership that we can trust.”

The $50 billion in question is in regards to three ideas introduced by the Conservative government in recent months. $30 Billion was expected to be spent on new jets for the Canadian military, an expense that was never put to tender by the Conservative government. Another $13 Billion was being earmarked to cover the costs of new prisons in Canada despite lower crime rates. The third expense is in regards to a proposed corporate tax cut that was expected to be valued at approximately $7 Billion.

“No government should be engaging in multi-million or multi-billion dollar expenses without consulting the Canadian people,” said Laferriere. “The Conservative Government has refused to be honest with the other parties in parliament, and they have been found in contempt of Parliament because of it.  Essentially, they have refused to be honest with Canadians. While no one looks forward to the expense of an election, no one should be given a free pass when it comes to ethics.”

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