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NDP has an incredible suite of policies to help students this election.

BRANTFORD – It is tough being a student these days.

Spiralling debt loads for school, high cost of living, and poor prospects for jobs to help pay for that expensive education add to the stress of being a student.

“It shouldn’t be this hard to prepare for your future and to get an education,” said 34 year-old Brantford-Brant NDP Candidate Marc Laferriere. “This election affects you directly and offers a chance for more affordable schooling, housing and better jobs – but you need to get out there and vote.”

Students have everything to win in this election with a whole host of policies aimed at them from the NDP.

The NDP know that education is not optional in today’s job market. It is critical to your future and they have a plan to help you directly. On average, students finish school with a crippling debt load of more than $25,000. The NDP believe that is too much and plan to remove the interest on the federal portion of your student loans over the next 7 years saving the average student $4,000! As well, they plan on investing an additional $250 million dollars in student grants to students who need it most.

Today, internships are a necessary part of education today, but they have been abused and unpaid or underpaid in the past. We will ensure that they get the same protection as other workers and work with employers, NGO’s and other groups to create more opportunities for that first paid job to help you get the experience you need.

The NDP plan on making education more affordable and that helps everyone – when it comes to housing, childcare, pharmaceuticals, gas, food and the NDP has a plan to cap credit card interest rates and other annoying fees that prevent you for thriving.

“Only 25% of youth who were eligible to vote did so in the 2011 election and we got years of a Harper government that has ignored issues of student debt, affordability and spiralling tuition,” said Laferriere. “That has got to change and in Brantford-Brant the vote that can defeat Harper and bring good policies for young people to Canada is a vote for the NDP.”

When it comes your turn to vote on October 19th, take a few moments to have your say for a more affordable, prosperous and fair country. Together, we can do this.