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BRANTFORD – Brantford-Brant NDP Candidate Marc Laferriere was one of only 2 candidates in the upcoming election to attend a debate at the WestGlen Housing Cooperative this week in Brantford.  The 1 hour debate took place at 8:00 PM on Monday September 21, 2015.

“I grew up in public housing, have worked and volunteered in public housing and helped write the Brantford/County of Brant 10 year Housing Stability Plan. I was happy to attend a debate focused on affordable housing options,” said Laferriere. “This is an important debate to have with looming cuts to co-op subsidies coming from the Conservatives.”

An NDP government will be a real partner in social housing by making stable, long-term investments and by working with municipalities on their priorities.  New Democrats will renew operating agreements that are set to expire in the next few years and will maintain current funding for housing cooperatives and social housing.

The NDP has a proud history of making social housing a priority and backing that up with action. In the 1970s. the NDP fought to implement a National Housing Strategy.  A decade later, the Conservatives made repeated cuts to this important legislation. By the 90’s, the Liberals completely gutted the legislation and homelessness rose exponentially in Canada. In 2005, Jack Layton successfully pushed the Liberal government at the time to invest a billion dollars in social housing.  Sadly, those same Liberal put an end to all federal spending on social housing.

How can we have an inclusive and equal society if millions of Canadians struggle to pay their rent?  What can we do when the wait for affordable housing can stretch up to 9 years after a legacy of cuts by the last Liberal government?

The NDP is the only party that has consistently fought for affordable housing and will continue to if elected government on October 19th.

The NDP plan:

  • Will commit immediate funding of $940 million to housing (nearly the same amount of money the Harper Government used on self-promoting ads for Canada’s Economic Action Plan).
  • Will restore long-term, stable investment in social housing to help other levels of government plan appropriately.
  • Will provide incentives to builders and municipalities that will help create 10,000 affordable and market rental units.
  • Will pass the Affordable Housing Act to recognize housing as a right.