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Local Conservative & Liberal Campaigns Consistently Decline All Candidate Opportunities.

BRANTFORD — Local NDP Candidate Marc Laferriere is the only candidate of this election to agree to and attend every all-candidate opportunity for the riding of Brantford-Brant.

“I love debates, town halls and public meetings and the opportunity they provide to compare and contrast our ideas for the riding,” said Laferriere heading into an all-candidates debate in St. George. “I love it especially when the audience has an opportunity to ask questions – I say bring it on, that’s democracy.”

“You can’t take anyone for granted in this riding and I think we need to give more opportunities here to get to know the candidates and especially to answer questions directly,” Laferriere said.

Brantford-Brant Liberal and Conservative teams attempted to meet with the NDP early in the campaign to limit the number of debates to 4 for the duration of this record setting 11-week campaign.

Laferriere declined to be a part of the deal as the longer election period was supposed to be something to increase opportunities for voters to engage in the political process.

Laferriere – who has held more public meetings, town halls, rallies and free and open-to-the-public events than any other local candidate was open to a total of 2 per week.

There was no movement in the talks from the other parties and Laferriere’s team let the others know that he would attend any debate or all-candidates meeting where there was a reasonable opportunity to connect with undecided voters.

Laferriere is the only candidate to attend every debate so far and accept every all-candidates opportunity he received.

See below for a detailed list of all-candidate meetings that have occurred or been proposed and the local candidates reactions to them.

The next and final debate which a good number of candidates can attend is presented by the Canadian Federation of University Women – Brantford.  It takes place on Wednesday Oct, 7 at 7PM at North Park Collegiate’s mini-theatre and is moderated by former Green Party Candidate Nora Fueten.  Marc Laferriere has accepted the invitation to attend though at time of publication was not aware of who had or had not declined.


Debate Marc Laferriere


Phil McColeman




Kevin Brandt
Rob Ferguson


Homebuilders Association Attended Attended Attended Attended Attended
Muslim Association Attended Attended Attended Attended Excluded
Rogers TV/Chamber of Commerce Attended Attended Attended Did Not Attend Attended
West Glen


Attended Did not attend Did Not Attend Did Not Attend Attended
Telfer Place Attended Did not attend Attended Did not Attend Time changed for meeting without notice to this candidate.
Laurier University Attended Attended Attended Attended This candidate only given a few hours notice.
Proposed Debates          
St. George

Memorial Hall

Attended Declined Declined Attended Attended
Bob Bell Lecture Series on Bill C51 Accepted Declined Declined Declined Accepted
Assumption College All Candidates (Cancelled) Accepted Declined Declined ? Accepted
Brant County -Breakfast Debate (Cancelled) Accepted Declined Declined ? Not invited