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Joined by 125 Local New Democrats and members of the community, Deputy NDP Leader and Hamilton Centre MP David Christopherson and Brantford-Brant Federal NDP Candidate Marc Laferriere opened the MarcYourVote campaign office in Eagle Place today.

Christopherson urged the crowd gathered to bring “substantive change” instead of “pretty change” by electing Laferriere in the upcoming election, scheduled for October 19th.

“The conditions here are great. You have a passionate, dedicated community worker with Marc as your candidate and a huge well of supportive volunteers and six months to get the job done,” Christopherson told the crowd.

Ward 5 City Councillor Brian Van Tilborg focused his comments on the importance of building relationships – something he believes Laferriere is particularly adept at.

“Politics is about listening and then taking action. For 20 years, Marc has been listening to this community and has been the hardest working activist I’ve ever met,” said Van Tilborg. “He is ready.”

Laferriere thanked his team who had been working to get the office ready and who organized a free community BBQ throughout the day.

“Government should be working to create a strong middle-class and instead the Harper Government sends its MPs to release cheques and perks to the wealthiest 15%. They ignore local issues like the proliferation of Temporary Workers, Land Claim Issues and a shrinking manufacturing sector that is particularly important to a region like ours,” said Laferriere.

The 34 year-old Laferriere also noted the positive role government can play in the lives of Canadians.

“I believe in government as a force for good. Canadians know how vital our national programs like health care and OAS can be. That’s why I support the creation of national programs like pharmacare and $15/day daycare: to help all Canadians rather than just a few.”

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