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The Brant NDP’s Federal Candidate of Record Marc Laferriere was recently named the Platinum Winner in the category of Best Local Politician in the 2012 Brant News Readers Choice Awards. Nominees and winners were chosen by Brant News readers and were announced on Thursday October 25th. The Brant News Readers Choice Awards are a new opportunity for the community to have their say about a variety of local businesses, people and services. This is the 1st time the awards have been presented and thousands of households participated in the voting process with over 133,000 individual votes being received.

“I want to thank everyone for their participation especially those people from our community who took the time to vote. I was surprised to be nominated and even more surprised to be named one of the winners,” said Laferriere. “Whether its for an election or for a local contest like this one the process of being heard through your vote is an important one”

“Kudos to the Brant News for doing something like this to help people be aware of many of the wonderful services, businesses and people in our community. Congratulations to all the nominees and winners in all categories.We have a vibrant and engaged local community. It’s great to be a part of it.”

Laferriere, despite not yet holding elected office was nominated beside MPP and Speaker of the House Dave Levac, current MP Phil McColeman, Mayor Chris Friel, former MP Lloyd St. Amand, City Councillor Jan Vander Stelt, and City Councillor, former Mayor, and Former MPP David Neumann.

“I think this shows people are aware of the work Marc does behind the scenes and in the community – and not just during elections but all year” said recent Brant NDP Provincial Candidate Brian Van Tilborg. “Marc was helping out in the community and with the Brant NDP long before putting his name up for an election and he continues to do exactly that long after an election too. When I first approached him about running in 2008 he was unsure it was the right thing to do. I’m glad he did and it seems that a lot of the readership of the Brant News is too.”

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