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BRANTFORD — Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath joined Brantford-Brant NDP candidate Marc Laferriere to talk about Stephen Harper’s secret TPP deal, and the damage that it could do to jobs and the cost of life-saving medication.

“During Stephen Harper’s lost decade, 3,300 good-paying manufacturing jobs here in Brantford have been lost. Now Stephen Harper’s secret TPP could kill more jobs, and make life-saving medication more expensive,” Horwath said. “This is a two-way race, and the only way to protect jobs, privacy and the cost of medication is to stop Stephen Harper by voting for Marc Laferriere.”

During the past week, former Parliamentary Budget Officer Kevin Page, Blackberry co-founder Jim Balsillie and Hillary Clinton have all come out in opposition to the secretly negotiated deal. Senior members of the US congress have committed to reopening the TPP. Yet Liberal leader Justin Trudeau refuses to take a position against this secret trade deal. Only Tom Mulcair has committed that he will not be bound by Harper’s agreement.

“There is only one voice speaking out against the TPP – and that voice is Tom Mulcair’s,” said Brantford-Brant NDP candidate Marc Laferriere, “Justin Trudeau won’t stand up for Canadians. Canadians deserve a Prime Minister who they can trust to stand up when it matters. Tom Mulcair has been clear – New Democrats will not be bound by a deal that is bad for Canada.”

“We’re actually hearing from local farmers over and over again … they’re worried that what’s happened with our manufacturing sector, the hollowing out in southwestern Ontario, will happen next to them,” Laferriere said.

“In this riding agribusiness, just like in Canada, is the No. 1 job creator. And if we push that away with trade deals, we’re going to suffer for it,” he said.