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For Immediate Release:

BRANTFORD – At a debate hosted by the Muslim Association of Brantford and the Brant News held at the Best Western Brant Park Inn, NDP candidate Marc Laferriere spoke at length about the refugee crisis that has enveloped Syria.

Speaking to a crowd of about 125 people, the debate focused on issues such as foreign affairs and controversial government policy such as Bill C-51 and Bill C-24.

Speaking after the debate on the refugee crisis specifically Laferriere said, “If recent images have shocked you, it is hoped that they will compel all of us towards compassion and action”.

While he welcomed the Conservatives decision to finally listen to Canadians who have been calling for government action to help Syrian refugees and set up a donation matching fund as Tom Mulcair, the NDP leader suggested last week, Laferriere said that Canada can do more.

Laferriere outlined the five-point plan that the party has to help Syrian refugees. This plan would provide for:

• Admission of 10,000 government-sponsored refugees before the end of 2015
• Admission of 9,000 per year over the coming years
• Lifting the cap on private sponsorships of refugees
• Elimination of quotas and bureaucratic obstacles to treat refugees fairly
• Provide temporary residence permits to Syrians who want to reunite with their Canadian Families

Canada should meet the United Nations request to do more to help this international crisis and the NDP have committed to resettling 46,000 Syrian refugees in Canada over the next 4 years. “Canadians have never been afraid to take action during international crises and I see no reason why they should not take strong action and show leadership during this humanitarian disaster,” said Laferriere.