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Election season may be over but the work of organizing continues for members of the Brant NDP.

Former Federal Brant NDP Candidate Marc Laferriere will be in Sudbury this weekend presenting to politically motivated youth from across the province at the Ontario New Democratic Youth Convention.  

“There are so many youth that have become politically active in the last few years and helping them to organize, to learn how to use different models to engage their communities is something I’m very passionate about,” said Laferriere.  “I ran on the idea of a new kind of politics, using community engagement instead of the traditional advertising style campaign.  It’s a pleasure to share what we have learned.”

Since the May 2011 election Laferriere has been volunteering his time to speak to riding associations, not-for-profits, youth groups, service clubs and to several new political candidates about how to use grass roots engagement models and social media in communities.


In the 2011 Federal Election he was named one of Canada’s 10 most engaged candidates on social media by a Global News/ study.

“There are so many ways to communicate, traditionally and through social media that can get us away from the ‘big money’ approach to politics.  They aren’t always easy to navigate though.  I’m looking forward to taking some of the lessons we learned in Brant to these young organizers.”

Laferriere also says he will be making an announcement about the Federal Leadership Race at the convention.

“No, I’m not running,” said the 30 year-old Laferriere. “I’ve been asked by many within the riding and outside of it to consider a run for leadership.  That kind of support leaves me both humbled and flattered.  While I am looking forward to being an active part of the leadership race, simply put, my heart is in Brant.”

To find out more about the 2011 ONDY Convention visit their Facebook page at:

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A photo from the 2010 Ontario New Democratic Youth Convention.

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