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Marc Laferriere Urges Youth to Become Involved in Politics:
Local Video Seen by 5,000 in 5 Days

As the post-secondary school year started, Marc Laferriere has reached out to young people to get them involved in politics with the release of a video locally produced by Ida Adamowicz that shows youth why their vote counts and how they can make a difference. Since being released last week over 5000 have viewed the video – easily the most watched video of the local campaign from any party.

“Why should you vote? By voting, you matter to people. If young people voted in great numbers in this country, not only would it change the entire landscape of our country, but what would happen is that young people would get so much more policy, they would get their concerns taken seriously when it comes to things like education, the environment, and the quality of jobs in this country” said Laferriere.

Releasing the video on various social networks Laferriere has been able to reach out directly to young people where they are and bring the campaign to them.

“We have a lot of young people helping on our campaign and have had the biggest youth contribution of any party in the last six years,” Laferriere said. “Ida came to us with an idea to spur on youth voters and our young volunteers thought it was a great and gave us the thumbs up.”

Laferriere who is 34 began running when he was 28 years old and first got involved in local politics as a teen and made his first city council delegation in Brantford in 1996.

Laferriere believes that young people have so much to contribute to our country and it all starts with a commitment to vote. He stressed that the vote of young people matter in this election and that “things only change when you take action and nothing ever changes by sitting on your couch.”

The video can be seen in its entirety at: or at More videos are to be released as the campaign continues. Attached photo by Ida Adamowicz.