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As 2010 closes out we are very proud of our local campaign.  The last edition of the Brant News for 2010 has listed our gain in momentum as one of the Top Stories of 2010.  

It has definitely been a banner year for Brant New Democrats.  In recognition of our this our second year of the campaign, I thought it would be fun to look back at some of our great successes from the year that was.

Here’s a brief review of some of the best stories from 2010 in chronological order.


1)    The Not-So-Harmonious Tax

 01 HST


This Paris Star Article looks at a visit to the riding from MP John Rafferty, a man I volunteered for in the 2008 election.  John wrote the Anti-HST Bill and was a staunch advocate against the Harper Sales Tax.   We heard from local small business, seniors and the average person on the street that they did not want the HST. Now if only our other elected officials listened.  I’m proud to be a candidate of the only party that opposed it both provincially and federally.


Hear John and I both via this video piece: 




2) Laferriere Challenges The Prime Minister on Prorogation

PS Ottawa

When the Conservative Party of Canada misused prorogation early in 2010 the community and the country took notice, stood up and said enough is enough.  Not only at rally’s like those in Brantford and Hamilton (see below) but in other ways.



One way was by continuing to work in Ottawa for their constituents despite our Prime Minister’s wishes.  New Democrats like Charlie Angus, Paul Dewar, John Rafferty and myself all made trips to the House of Commons to get work done for our community, which resulted in great local campaign initiatives like the Local Ideas Listening Tour to increase voter engagement and community discussion.


In addition I wrote a very successful blog called the “Week That Could Have Been!” that gave local residents a look at some of my policy ideas on issues like Jobs, Stimulus Spending, Crime, The Environment & Democracy



3)    “Recalibration is A Myth”  Brant News March 4, 2010


In March when the Conservatives brought in their budget it was supposed to be a game changer.  It was, after all, the reason they eventually gave for prorogation.  Instead, we found the budget to be much the same as previous budgets.  No bold ideas, no game changing investments into the community.  When asked my opinion by the Brant News I gave it honestly.  

From the Brant News (March 4, 2010):


4)    Brant Young New Democrats earn their stripes


Our local Young New Democrats did incredible things this year!  They formed a strong part of our team bringing ideas, energy and enthusiasm to the work.  The heart they put into events like the YNDP Dodgeball Tournament, the Ontario NDP Youth Conference, and many other events was simply incredible. 


Our YNDP local president Ryan Jamula was even named as one of The Expositor’s Great Kids.  Look for some great things from this group again in 2011.



5)    Local Ideas Listening Tour A Big Success

This initiative proved so successful that we are continuing it throughout 2011 with a focus on small business, culture, agriculture, women’s issues, and more!  See some of the coverage on this year’s events which focused on Aboriginal Issues, Health Care, Poverty and Disabilities.





 What a great year!  If you would like to help us make 2011 even better please consider volunteering, joining our facebook supporter page, following us on twitter, spreading the news or making a small financial contribution using our secure donation site by clicking here.  Remember to donate before midnight on Dec 31st, 2010 in order to maximize your 2010 tax credits.


Please visit us again tomorrow for Part 2!