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After serious consideration and deliberation and after speaking to my loved ones I would like to announce that I will be seeking the position of Candidate in the next Federal Election for the Brant NDP. 

So far I have been overwhelmed with the support I have received within the party and outside of it. 

And it is that sort of collaboration that we need when the election comes and when it’s over.  This community does great things when it collaborates.

When we collaborate… Blocks away from this street where I grew up we grow a community garden.

When we collaborate… close to 1000 pounds of food is donated with more to come when this community desperately needs it. 

When we collaborate… people who said that Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal groups cant work land in this community together are proven wrong. 

When we collaborate… we get environmentally sustainable stewardship of the land and the waterways.

We have had two parties representing Brant in Ottawa over the last several years.  These two parties, while promising different things have been too similar in what they deliver. 

The results are in and this riding needs a change.

We will be focusing on 7 key areas we feel are important locally:

1) The Economy: We advocate that we should stop giving tax breaks to companies that use the money to set up shop overseas.  We look at fairer policies that still give businesses an upside but keep our good jobs here.  Then we grow new green collar jobs and work for policies that keep temp work agencies manageable so that they don’t overrun our community. 

2) Improving the gaps in Health Care: We do this by partnering with agencies to get services better integrated and supported in the community and through preventative measures to help people before they get sick.

3) Fair Aboriginal/Non Aboriginal Relationships:  Advocating for the federal government to be accountable for their role in these situations and not download their responsibilities to the municipalities.

4) Crime:  Social problems of drug addiction and youth gangs are areas we need to focus on for the safety and security of all.

5) The Environment: Including land stewardship programs and highlighting the need for a comprehensive Waterfront master plan.

6) Poverty and Prosperity Gaps:  Highlighting that by working as a community to raise everyone up we all benefit.

7) Other Voices:  Looking at the concerns of youth, immigrants and our community of seniors who have all been marginalized in ways big and small.

I am seeking the nomination because I feel there should be greater debate here in Brant.   A stronger discussion with more local voices in it, including voices that need to be heard now more than ever from senior’s to youth, from recent immigrants to this county’s First Peoples and everyone in between.

I am twenty-eight years old and my generation is the first one slated to do worse than our parents.  It does not have to be that way in Brant.

This riding needs a change.

Things are not what they could be and I believe the people in this riding want more than is being offered.  

The Brant NDP has the passion and the plan to work with this community to make these opportunities happen.

I’d like to end by thanking Brian Van Tilborg for his support. For those who are surprised that Brian is not running in this election; All I can say is, this community should prepare to be surprised.

That’s what we are going to do in this campaign; surprise everyone.

Thank you for coming here today.

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