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NDP Candidate Engages Youth of Community

While I’m sure Mr. Justin Trudeau was an interesting speaker at the $90-a-plate Liberal fundraiser held recently, his comments and actions struck me as somewhat perplexing. Comments from Mr. Trudeau included stressing the importance of engaging youth and people from different backgrounds in the political process.

Across town the new federal NDP candidate Marc Laferriere was actually doing that locally.

The nomination meeting for this 28- year-old candidate featured teens and young adults like Ryan Jamula, Kiki Mahy and the most recent Canada’s Next Great Prime Minister contest winner Amy Robichaud-Harpe standing shoulder to shoulder with their elders, inspiring a full house of supporters young and old from a wide range of political and cultural backgrounds.

The $90-a-plate dinner seems like a steep price tag for many of our youth to afford, especially with our local economic conditions. Perhaps if the Liberal Party wants to inspire young people, they could make their events more accessible to the average young person.

While Mr. Trudeau was discussing what the Liberal Party needs to do to better their chances in the next federal election, Marc Laferriere and his guest speakers were discussing what all of us need to do to better our community. To a packed house no less. It was vibrant and it featured different and new voices.

I’m under 30 and it was the first time I felt really engaged at the federal level. I am personally excited to see this new energy in Brant and look forward to hearing and reading more about it in the future.

Dustin Newell, Brantford


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