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 – Photo From 90 Cent Dinner, Dec 23, 2009 Courtesy of Chad Chabot (

In December it was a 90-cent dinner and now the Brant NDP, Marc Laferriere and Jack Layton are hosting another unique and exciting event. 

The Brant NDP is pleased to announce a Pay What You Can Picnic at the grounds of Historic Yates Castle, on the Corner of Usher St and Rushton Ave, on Saturday, AUGUST 28 , 2010 featuring NDP Leader Jack Layton and local candidate Marc Laferriere.  This exciting, family friendly picnic will go from 1:00pm – 3:00pm. 

The Brant NDP is asking people to simply pay what they can and enjoy the historic site, the children’s activity area and the picnic fare.  Those interested in donating to the campaign above $20 will receive a generous tax receipt.

The Brant NDP Federal Campaign is continuing to provide accessible, low cost/no cost events in an effort to get their word out and be inclusive.

“There are still many under hard times in the area.  Closures, mass lay-offs, and receivership continue to plague the area.  We are doing what we can to make sure people are not left out of the political process.  Our unemployment rate is substantially higher than average and expensive political events just don’t seem appropriate at this time,” said Laferriere.  

Though the day promises to be an enjoyable one those interested will be able to take part in having their voice heard by the party.

As part of their “Local Ideas Listening Tour” which will continue throughout the summer The Brant NDP will be asking people for input on what they would like to see from the campaign in the future both locally and nationally. 

“We’ve heard loud and clear from the community that events like this are a step in the right direction, but we’d like to take that a step further with more community input.  We’d like to change how politics are done here and bring people together instead of dividing them.  All are welcome,” says Laferriere.

The Federal New Democrat Leader Jack Layton will be making this special trip to Brantford in August for the event after it had to be moved from the original date of June 26, 2010 due to complications from G8/G20 summit security in Toronto.

Layton and Laferriere feel it’s important to remind Brant Riding voters that their MP has taken an indefensible stance on G8/G20 spending which proposes to shut down the Toronto area for the summit.

 “Phil McColeman has been one of the staunchest defenders of the disastrous G8/G20 spending and it seems appropriate to remind those he’s supposed to be serving what wrong headed positions he is taking in the House,” said Layton.

“On the other hand Marc Laferriere has been a hard working candidate and with his local team has been putting the focus where it should be on jobs and job security.  All the while he’s been reaching out to voters and really listening to their concerns.  He’s been doing great work and I’m happy to continue to support this riding that we believe deserves better leadership than it currently has under Harper’s Yes Man.  It’s unfortunate to have to postpone but I’m looking forward to the new date. ”

“The G8/G20 spending is not just a Toronto issue,” Laferriere added. “Shutting down a hub like Toronto will unfortunately have negative effects on areas like ours too.  The planning for this summit has been done in such an expensive and haphazard way by the Conservative government it’s shameful and people are rightfully upset.  It speaks to the larger issues of pork and patronage that the Conservative government promised to reign in but instead they’ve just saddled us with the bill.”

We apologize for any invconvience this re-scheduling may have caused.

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