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New funding will help province increase home care and long-term care beds

BRANTFORD — NDP Leader Tom Mulcair’s plan to make a major investment in home care and long-term care will allow more Brantford area seniors to stay in their homes longer, says Brantford-Brant NDP candidate Marc Laferriere.

“Caring for an aging population is one of the most significant challenges facing our communities,” he said. “This investment will free up beds and reduce overcrowding at hospitals.”

After almost 10 years of Stephen Harper, 14 per cent of Canada’s acute care hospital beds are filled by seniors who don’t need to be there because there is no home care or long-term care available to them, said Laferriere.

Meanwhile, wait times for long-term care beds average as high as 230 days and seniors often must move far from home for an available bed.

The solution is long-term stable funding for quality seniors care, he said. Working with the provinces and territories, a Mulcair NDP government will:

• Invest in patient-focused home care for an additional 41,000 seniors by the end of the first mandate;
• Help provinces build 5,000 more nursing home beds;
• Improve access to palliative care and end-of-life care.

“The NDP will invest in health care and balance the budget, by asking Canada’s biggest corporations to pay a fair share,” Laferriere added.