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PRINCE GEORGE – NDP leader Jack Layton announced new measures Wednesday in British Columbia to address challenges faced by Canada’s aging population and help prepare frontline health care for the next generation.

“Yesterday we proposed ways to help families keep older relatives at home longer,” said Layton. “Today we are proposing new measures to help our health care system deal with the growing need for home care and other health services.”

The New Democrat proposal includes measures to keep seniors at home longer, improve the quality of the home care they receive and negotiate a dedicated transfer for long-term care as part of the 2014 health accords.

Layton’s proposal will:

  • Improve access for quality home care, helping 100,000 more families a year
  • Make home care and long-term care insured services by adding them to the Canada Health Act
  • Establish a long-term care transfer through the 2014 Health Accord negotiations
  • Double the loan program for helping families renovate to keep older relatives in their homes

The NDP’s proposal to improve health care for seniors will have an immediate positive impact on the community.

“You don’t have to knock on doors in an election to hear the stories of families squeezed out on issues of affordability and care-giving,” said Laferriere. “Having knocked on a lot of doors lately you hear it over and over again.”

Marc understands the impact that this proposal could have for inter-generational families similar to the one he himself lived with for part of his schooling.

“When I went to university, I lived with my father, my step-mother, my sisters, and my grandmother. I know first-hand how helpful something like this would have been for 3 generations of my family. How many generations could we help with a plan like this in Brant.”

The solutions provided by the NDP plan are another in a series of practical and affordable ideas that will help make life more affordable for Canadians.

“With expenses like the HST, gas prices, food costs, and education costs, steps like this can help so many families through our affordability crisis. I am proud to support this forward thinking plan.”

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