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Brant NDP Joint Associations held their Annual General Meeting last evening at the Brantford & District Labour Council Building where the members elected the following individuals to their growing Executive for 2010.

President – Don Bowen

Vice-President (Provincial) – Brian Van Tilborg

Vice-President (Federal) – Roxanne Bond

Secretary – Brian Moore

Chief Financial Officer – Dave Mann

Treasurer – Randy Schelhas

Membership Officer – Matt LaRocque

Youth Officer – Ryan Jamula

Woman’s Representative – Jessica Chambers


Three members from the BDLC and eight Members-at-Large were also elected. Reports were received on the activities of the past year including preparations for the upcoming Federal election.

Guest Speaker Pete Treadwell, Federal Party Organizer and aide to Jack Layton spoke of recent up swings in New Democrat momentum locally and across the country seen by an increase in fundraising, engagement and votes in by-elections. 

“The work being done by Brant Riding New Democrats is being noticed not just in Brant but in other parts of the country.  We are so proud of this riding and expect more great things in the coming months.”

We’re happy to add support to what you are doing here and the federal party will be putting its resources into this riding. For every dollar that the Brant Federal NDP raises through fundraising activities in March and April the Federal Party will match with 50 cents.”  

Re-elected President Don Bowen reminded members “Hard economic times cause voters to return to the New Democrats because we are the only political party pushing for new ideas in Parliament that all Canadian’s can benefit from during recession and recovery.”

Past Provincial and Federal Candidate Brian Van Tilborg commented “The level of participation has been great to see in our committees and events this past year.  Having 20 great community-minded executive members is another sign that we are on the right path.  I’m confident we will have a very successful grass roots fundraising drive over the next two months.”

This year’s Women’s Representative 20 year-old Mohawk College Student Jessica Chambers also started the Brant Young New Democrats in January.  “It’s been great being a part of both teams.  I think we’re growing and could see the Young New Democrats leadership team being as big as this executive in a year’s time.”   

Federal Candidate Marc Laferriere’s speech about the importance of teamwork also highlighted the differences between New Democrat policies and those of the other parties.  His full remarks to the new executive were broadcast on his website and on social networking sites within moments of being delivered and is available for you to quote. 

“We want to bring people in and let them know they are welcome.  That’s part of how we grow.”

Also announced was “Marc’s March to Parliament Fun-raiser” which will be taking place at the Polish Hall on 154 Pearl Street on Saturday March 27th, 2010 after Earth Hour Celebrations.  This $10 for adults – $5 for students and the under-employed event will include free food, door prizes, moderately priced beverages a DJ and performances from Kiki Mahy, Brantford band “The Checkerboard Floors,” and Toronto’s “True Notion” among others.  

For more information contact:

Brian Moore, Secretary, Brant NDP, at  


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