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Marc Laferriere says his team is up and running and ready for the longest election campaign in memory.

“This election is about change. Canadians are tired of the political tricks and corruption that Stephen Harper used to fight against that have now become the hallmark of his government.  People see through this and they are looking for a positive alternative to the politics of cynicism.  I’ve personally been to thousands of doors and hundreds and hundreds of community events since first becoming the local NDP candidate 7 years ago and something is happening in the community.”

Laferriere who came in second in the last election says across Brantford-Brant he is hearing from people who are excited about the vision of Tom Mulcair and the New Democratic Party.

“Stephen Harper’s mishandling of the economy has led our nation into an economic dead end. His plan isn’t working for areas like ours. Middle-class families are working harder than ever but can’t get ahead. Canadian wages are falling, precarious and temp work is the norm, incomes are stagnant, household debt is skyrocketing and 200,000 more Canadians are out-of-work than before the 2008 recession.”

Laferriere says New Democrats will be running on practical solutions for restoring strength to the middle class and working to ensure that Canadian families become more secure.

“In Brantford-Brant we have a huge team of volunteers. These are people who have been volunteering consistently over the last 7 years and some of them since the Blackburn days. They are motivated to see change.  If Stephen Harper wants to add weeks to the election period – we say bring it on. This was Mr. Harper’s idea, not ours and Mr. Harper and his strategists have made a big miscalculation and have taken the electorate for granted. This election is about change and we are ready to bring this positive change across Canada and across our riding.”