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Ganz with Laferriere in May 2010 in King City, On

Obama campaign strategist and legendary civil rights organizer, Marshall Ganz, has been paying attention to the Marc Laferriere Campaign in Brant. 

Ganz is credited with creating the successful grass roots organization model behind President Obama’s winning 2008 campaign.

Mr. Ganz has lent his voice to a growing chorus of heavy hitters supporting Laferriere’s campaign to become the Member of Parliament for Brant.  Laferriere’s nearly two-year campaign has been highlighted by a focus on community development work, which he has termed “do-it-tavism.”  This approach has impressed Mr. Ganz who is currently lecturing at Harvard and continues to work with grassroots groups to develop effective organizing programs.


The following is Mr. Ganz statement:


“I am proud to provide my support for Marc Laferriere’s campaign to become the MP for Brant. I’m impressed by his commitment to engaging the residents of his riding in developing community-based solutions to their challenges. He shows this commitment in the key role of real grassroots organization in his campaign – it is open, inclusive, and responsive to the needs, hopes, and concerns of the people whom he hopes to represent. This combination of community commitment, tireless effort, and creativity shows that Marc and his team could serve Brant Riding well as its future MP.”


The endorsement, which comes on top of a recent National Post article citing Brant as a potential pick up for the New Democrats has further encouraged both Laferriere and his team of supporters.


“I am honoured and humbled by Mr. Ganz’s kind words.  He has worked with such people as Martin Luther King Jr., Cesar Chavez, Bobby Kennedy and President Obama.  That he is impressed with the groundwork we’ve done here is heartening.  However, we take nothing for granted.  The recognition is nice but our team knows we have much work to do to earn the trust and votes of the people of Brant.  We are focused and we’ll continue working to earn that trust,” said Laferriere.


Laferriere’s schedule for Wednesday includes a debate organized by the Sunrise Rotary Club of Brantford and another by Brantford Collegiate Institute.  Later that day he will be attending and co-organizing various youth focused events in support of the Shannen’s Dream initiative to bring awareness to fair funding models for Aboriginal education. 


Wednesday evening he will be contributing to the Democracy Project’s Live Youth Dialogue – a national event hosted by the Historica-Dominion Institute and the Michaelle Jean Foundation featuring young candidates from across the country speaking to young voters.


Go to to watch that event at 7pm and join the dialogue on Twitter, by using #yvote.

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