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Recalibration is a Myth.

It was a myth regarding the senate, deficits, spending, prorogation and now on the budget.

Our local MP promised that today’s budget would “justify” prorogation in news interviews.  In my mind that hasn’t happened.  

Parliament was prorogued for this?  All those bills halted for this?  This is status quo, this is stay-the-course.  Nothing we needed to take a break over. 

Status quo for Brant Riding is bad news.  This budget is about decisions. 

1.5 million Canadians are unemployed.  The jobless rate in this riding has been above the national and provincial average for so long.  Yet this budget lacks the job creation we need to ensure hard-working Canadians benefit in the economic recovery.  This should be a top priority. 

The only thing recalibrated is billions in tax giveaways to the wealthiest corporations while the rest of us are stuck with the HST.  Instead of these corporate tax giveaways you could end senior poverty, which has doubled in recent years under the Prime Minister’s watch among many other options that most Canadian’s would prefer.

Instead we will have corporate tax cuts AND increased government spending.  The same policies George W. Bush used in his last term as President.

So the Prime Minister is looking to stay the course.  Is Brant Riding looking to do the same?

Can we afford to stay the course on:

–       Job Creation?

–       Health Care?

–       Deficits?

–       Crime?

–       Land Claims?

–       The Environment?

–       Senior’s Poverty?

We need policies that bring back and create good jobs not just temporary jobs that you can’t support your family with. As I understand it the advertising world will be 5 million dollars richer as the Prime Minister has decided to increase the advertising budget for his partisan “Canada’s Economic Action Plan” ads.  Here is a suggestion the ad agency handling this now 39 million dollar account should look at:

What would this government do without an effective opposition like ours to highlight new ideas, push important programs forward and advocate for more balanced approaches for Canadians?

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