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Brantford, ON – On Tuesday, March 8th, 2011 members of the Brant New Democratic Party celebrated a year of great achievements in the community at their Annual General Meeting.


“We have built a very strong team here in Brant, and because of that, we have seen a year of growth and engagement for the campaign in this community,” said Marc Laferriere, the federal candidate for the Brant NDP.


The AGM included keynote speeches from Pete Treadwell, Ontario Regional Organizer for the NDP, and Kayle Hatt, an executive member of the Ontario NDP. Both speeches reflected on the incredible progress made by the New Democratic Party’s Brant branch during the past year.


Marc Laferriere has positioned himself as the new voice for Brant. Without being elected he played a role in the reversal of the CRTC’s decision to impose usage based billing, hosted a Youth Leadership convention, and forced the issues of Brant onto the national stage. Marc Laferriere is the only candidate capable of defeating the Conservative incumbent and bringing true representation to the community,” commented Treadwell.


“The NDP has grown greatly in Brant under Marc’s leadership; the membership has expanded, there have been a lot of public events, said Hatt. “New Democrats from across the country are excited by the prospect of Marc Laferriere following Derek Blackburn’s legacy as MP for Brant,” said Hatt.

With the prospect of both a federal and provincial election in the next year, the night energized the party to gear up for the approaching campaigns.


“This year we have focused on talking about real people and real issues. We talked about engaging the people in this community, and we have gone out and done that. In the year ahead, we will continue to engage the public to find out what issues matter to them and how we can help make their lives better,” said Laferriere. “We can fight for the people of our community in a positive way. That’s what our community needs. Starting today, we fight ideas with better ideas.”


Listen!Highlights from Laferriere’s address to the new Executive at the 2011 AGM

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