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I was reading the Brantford Expositor this morning  and would like to thank graphic designer and t-shirt maker Chris George for his enthusiasm and for wanting to donate to our Federal campaign.   

I have yet to meet Chris but it is great to know we have supporters out there eager to help.  I think his heart is in the right place and appreciate him mentioning the NDP as his favorite party and me as his favorite local candidate in the article.  

It was a pleasant surprise to see this article today about a young person wanting to initiate support for our campaign.  We welcome that keenness from anyone in this community.   However, the Brant NDP was unaware of Chris’ intention to commit this money to us.  While I appreciate and encourage anyone’s personal support for the efforts of our campaign we will be declining any funds that result from the “Save The South Side” t-shirt sales and think those funds should go to an organization dedicated to Brantford’s rich history. 

While it is up to Chris where that money goes; might I suggest the Brant Historical Society or any new organization that may form around this issue.  Please leave a comment below about where you think that money should go.  I believe there are many great historically minded organizations in this riding where it would be well spent. 

It’s great that there are so many people wanting to bring awareness to our history in Brant and that should be supported across all parties.  I look forward to buying and wearing one of these shirts myself.  This should be a non-partisan issue and I think other comments I have made reflect my personal thoughts about Brantford deserving a good plan on what to do with the South Side space. 

And Chris, I look forward to meeting you and discussing ways you can volunteer with the Federal Campaign in the future.  In Brant we need young, new, fresh initiative from people just like you.  

-Marc Laferriere
Federal NDP Candidate

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