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Today was my last day on the campaign before my wedding and it was a good one.  Provincial NDP Leader Andrea Horwath came to visit Brant and support the Alex Felsky campaign.

Support is the operative word, as there were well over 100 local supporters there as well having a great time.  A pretty magical night for a campaign.

Before I go on this break I want to implore you to do what you can to support Alex’s campaign

I got to know Alex during my federal campaign when she volunteered, and a little bit before hand when I would call local members for a sign or to let them know about events.  Alex and her husband Tim always took time to chat about local issues, and encourage us to keep up the good fight.  

Flash forward a few years later and I remember when I first approached her to consider running.  It’s been nearly a year and a half since that meeting in her home. I’m so glad she said yes and she’s done an amazing job, as a hard working, intelligent and passionate candidate. 

Alex and her team are doing the work that needs to be done.  For nearly a year now she has been hitting the doors and doing the important work to connect and listen to the community.  She’s participated in community events, she has written, she has organized and she has shown herself to be a great candidate who really cares about this community and believes that a sensical government has a postive role to play in improving things like employment, small business sustainability, the environment, education and health care.

She knows her stuff and her experience in business, labour, the helping fields and various equality and human rights movements servers her well.  It will serve us well to if we work together to make her our next MPP in Brant.

Alex speaks her mind, advocates for people and isn’t caught up in the Queens Park bubble. She’s a fresh, refreshing and active voice on the provincial political scene in Brant and one I believe we need.

There are 4 candidates in this provincial election I’ve worked with, I know and respect – we’re really lucky in Brant that way – but I believe strongly that Alex, Andrea and the Ontario NDP are poised to make the most positive change for our riding and our province if elected.

While I’m taking a break for a little thing called my wedding and honeymoon I’ve been proud this election to have put my money and effort where my mouth is.

Helping with communications, knocking on doors, helping with events, making phone calls at the office, picking up shirts, delivering signs and being a sounding board as someone local on the team with candidate experience.

It’s been fun volunteering and donating what I can. And I hope you consider doing the same.

I’ve done this while working 2 full-time consuming jobs in the education and social work sectors (a full time and a part time), helping to run my own small business, planning a wedding and all the various other life and community stuff that I love to do.

Sometimes these things can get in the way of engaging in political change. We are very busy people, living very busy lives.  But don’t let it stop you from being involved in important political change.

There are so many ways you can help, and meet wonderful people at the same time during a political campaign.  

If we turn off from politics we waste so many opportunities to improve our community and our province.  Don’t tune out but do turn up!

If you can find a few hours this campaign to go to the office and donate your time and energy, do it.

If you can find a little room in your budget, when your not busy paying the cost of rising hydro and gas fees, please consider a donation that fits your budget.

If you can tell some friends and family why you’re supporting Alex and Andrea this election you can help make people aware of important issues and options. 

If you can attend a debate, take a lawn sign, drive someone to a voting station, share a story then you can push for some positive change and a government, premier and MPP  that makes sense.

I can’t wait to get back at the beginning of June and re-join my friends and fellow volunteers on the campaign trail. I’m excited to see how Alex’s campaign will keep rising as the momentum continues to grow.

I hope when I get back you’ll be one of the people I will be lucky enought to get to know better as we campaign together.  This is an important election and we need as many people as possible to continue to push for a breakthrough in Brant.  We need you to help make that change.

Connect with the campaign at help them keep up the good fight to send responsible, fresh voices to Queen’s Park to represent us.

And don’t forget to vote on June 12th!  And you new or lapsed voters can learn more about how to vote here: I hope you do.


– Marc Laferriere

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  1. andyb

    Would love to help but unfortunatey ODSP does not pay for dental on adults so I'm stuck with rotten teeth my doctor says must go but i need to chew food.Stuck in a hard place and not willing to try and smile knocking on doors just to scare them.