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BRANTFORD – NDP Leader Tom Mulcair visited the Hartmann egg carton manufacturing plant today with Brant NDP Federal Candidate of Record Marc Laferriere to highlight the NDP plan that supports sustainability and economic growth at the same time.

“The Hartmann Factory in Brantford proves that sustainability is profitable and contributes to the wellbeing of Canada’s communities,” said Mulcair. “We should be doing our best to promote industry leaders in sustainability and environmental stewardship. You won’t see a temp agency here at Hartmann, and that’s good news for everyone, since families can live on the salaries paid here.”

While the Conservatives provide billions of dollars in tax breaks to their oil-industry insider friends, New Democrats support economic growth that is based on sustainability, fairness and environmental stewardship – a winning proposal for Canadians.

“It’s all about creating a country that is prosperous for our generation and for future generations. And in the future, that means good business practices that are based in sustainability that also create good jobs and boost our economy,” said Mulcair.