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This past week Members of Parliament were due to return to the House of Commons.  Despite the wishes of a majority of Canadians, this did not happen.  MPs will not return to the People’s House for almost six weeks. 

For the next six weeks while the House of Commons is shut let’s look at the issues that could have been discussed in the House.  Vital issues – ones that need attention. While most Canadians wish this was being done by our MPs in our House of Commons that simply cannot happen now.

But we will move forward, because someone must.  Let’s look forward.

At the end of each week, during this prorogation period, I will detail an issue I would raise in the House if I was to represent Brant Riding in Parliament. 

Prorogation does not mean that issues Canadian’s face will go away.  They won’t go away for Canadians; and, they shouldn’t go away for this government.


The unemployment rate locally and federally continues to linger at some of the highest rates it has been since the current government took office.  Job creation has not been what it must be when compared to the deficit this government has created – without ensuring worthwhile jobs.

What is the government doing to create good jobs in this uncertain economy?

If Harper wants to buy our votes with big, glossy cheques on the front pages of the newspaper at least ensure that the money provides long-term, well paid jobs for people – it’s our money after all.  In Brant, many workers are struggling to find work, while our current federal representative supported the Prime Minister’s decision to take a break from the work of Parliament. 

The Conservative government promised to make JOBS a priority on their agenda but they haven’t.  Good jobs are disappearing and many of the new jobs this government brags about creating are low wage or short-term jobs that do not meet the needs of individuals and families. Just ask the workers of Brant who often have to leave the area to get work.

Money that could have gone towards investment in future innovation and green energy has instead been flowing to projects based on the old oil economy which is becoming less and less reliable each day. The infrastructure projects that could have been created to ensure Canadians right here in Brant had opportunities to be the most competitive in the new world economy have instead been passed over for more of the same old, same old.  Investment in the new economy had the most potential for quality job creation.

Programs that were designed to help the unemployed are now being cut.  Local news reports tell us of the shutdowns to the very programs designed to help Canadians find work.  Second career training and work placement centers are relatively inexpensive ways to help workers through these tough times. Programs like these need to be added to help the unemployed for at least another year.

Instead we get corporate tax cuts without any strings attached to ensure job creation. And we get the HST so that we pay for these cuts. 

Ask those who are applying for second career training about the strings attached to their funding. 

Fairness would be a balanced approach that takes into consideration tax cuts for businesses that effectively create worthwhile jobs. Fairness would be support for people needing to adjust to new opportunities in a new economy.

We can’t afford old ideas.  We deserve better. We deserve sound new ideas and a new kind of politics in Brant and beyond. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this.



-Marc Laferriere

Federal Candidate – Brant NDP

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