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ONDY 0112 

An article in the Brant News recently named myself, along with Mayor Chris Friel and MPP and Speaker of the House Dave Levac as the Top Newsmakers of 2011.  The criteria were “the quality of the candidates and quantity of headlines they made” as well as the need for those headlines to “carry some importance.”

The Brant News article looked at the federal election campaign, community volunteer work and the creation of The Brant Advocate (a new community publication/small business venture) as the basis for their nomination.

For the purposes of this blog I’d like to just focus on the political work of the Federal Brant NDP.  It was a whirlwind year of activity, organizing and yes even tragedy.  Looking back on it though we see so many reasons to continue the work we do.  If you would like to help us continue onwards in our organizing efforts in 2012 and help us gear up for a win in 2015 please consider making a donation before midnight tonight to get up to 75% back on you 2011 taxes.

Normally we do a top 10 list at the end of the year but with so much happening in 2011 we had to create an expanded top 20 list.  Just click each story for more details.

Top 20 Federal Brant NDP stories of 2011 in chronological order:

  1. MP Charlie Angus’ visits riding
  2. Brant NDP Shines a Light to Fight HST
  3. Brant NDP key to overturning CRTC ruling on Usage Based Billing
  4. Brant NDP starts annual Brantford Youth Leadership Conference
  5. Brant NDP proposes proactive fund to settle land claims
  6. Laferriere only Candidate to unviel Job Creation Strategy
  7. Laferriere nominated for JS Woodsworth Award
  8. The 2011 Campaign Begins
  9. Layton makes first policy announcement of the 2011 campaign in Brantford
  10. Street Nurse Cathy Crowe comes to Brantford to campaign on issues of poverty and homelessness
  11. Laferriere named one of the “most engaged” social media candidates in Canada by Global News.
  12. Laferriere stands up for Seniors, holds McColeman to account on stimulus spending.
  13. Obama’s Campaign Organizer endorses Laferriere and Brant NDP for new kind of politics.
  14. Derek Blackburn returns for full day of campaigning
  15. Andrea Horwath joins Brant NDP canvass team
  16. Election results see largest growth of any local party.  Best result in 2 decades with strong 2nd place finish.  Laferriere vows to keep working.
  17. NDP choice of local students.
  18. Brant NDP mourns passing of Jack Layton with the community
  19. Brant NDP Leadership Candidates Romeo Saganash and Paul Dewar Visit Brant and declare it one of the “next 60 seats” needed to form government in 2015.
  20. Elections Canada reports Brant NDP does more with less and spent wisely on 2011 campaign. 

The last story on that list just came out so I’d like to go into a bit of detail there.  Elections Canada just released a report showing the Brant NDP spent a fraction of what the Conservatives and Liberals spent yet grew more than any other local party.

Further we spent your money most wisely and had the most economically sound local campaign in last federal election.  We did not go into any debt and we spent $1.72 per vote, while the Conservatives spent $3.17, and Liberals a whopping $8.06. 

We also listened to voters and spent $0 dollars on those annoying phone polls. In fact the Conservatives and Liberals in Brant spent more on those surveys than we spent on the entire campaign. 

Looking at the statistics and the poll-by-poll breakdowns we see plenty of opportunity to win in 2015 but the work has to start today.  With more organization and support we will make a breakthrough in 2015.

If you can help in any way we would appreciate it.  You can donate to the local riding association conveniently and securely until midnight tonight and receive up to 75% back in just a few short weeks when you file your 2011 taxes.

Every dollar you donate to the Brant Electoral District Association goes directly to a local campaign and local work. Your donation will help us support riding events such as public talks, youth leadership events and barbecues, as well as plan and save for the next election. Donating is also easier on your pocketbook than you may think. For example, a donation of $100 actually costs you only $25:

Thank you so much for an incredible 2011 and for your continued support in 2012 and beyond as we work together for a more prosperous, fairer and more progressive riding.  A loving, hopeful and optimistic New Year to all.

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