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After attending the Nomination Meeting (details to be announced) and making Marc your official Candidate for the Brant Riding you can do the following to make the biggest impact on this campaign:

1. Vote – on election day get out and vote for Marc Laferriere and the NDP

2. Volunteer – one person can make a huge impact toward electing Marc and the NDP

3. Spread the Word – talk about voting for Marc and the NDP with your family, friends, co-workers and neighbours in person and online.

4. Request a Lawn or Window Sign – send a strong message to your community about Marc and the NDP

5. Write to The Brantford ExpositorThe Brant NewsThe Paris StarTekawennake NewsTurtle Island NewsLaurier’s The Sputnik, and The Burford Times by clicking on any of their names and reach even more voters with a piece about Marc and the NDP. 

6. Join the NDP – add your own clout to give a stronger voice to Marc and the NDP

7. Donate – effective campaigns need money to elect Marc and the NDP


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