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A big thank you to all the families and kids who came out to the first event run by the Brant Young New Democrats!  We had over 75 kids and parents attending and everyone had a great time.  The dodgeball, the crafts, and the games table were very popular too.

Getting a chance to talk with some of the parents we see that accessible activities for kids is still a major issue in this community.  Some areas are better serviced than others as we all know.  

The good news is that there are many ready to do something about it.  Those who know that being a part of a community is important for today and for the future already live here and are beginning that work.  Let’s support them.     

I’m so proud of our Young NDP group for deciding that talk is not enough and arranging this barrier free activity day to help build community.  If you are interested in joining them please click here.

One of the most interesting parts of the event was what kids wrote when we asked them what is one thing they would like to see changed in our community.  Almost all the kids said they need more activities in their part of town and the rest brought up a whole slew of possibilities.

– Fiona age 10 desperately wants a local community pool that everyone can use.  

– 11 year old Megan and seven year old Darrell wanted more places to skate in public for figure skating and hockey.

– 5 year old Breana and 7 year old Amber want to see more parks and Joel wants usable play ground equipment in them.  

– Colton wants more places to bike while Eric wants a safe skate park.  

– Devon (15), Cheyenne (10) and Ireland (8) are concerned about trees.   They want more of them!  Some of the kids wrote begging us to stop killing the trees that are there.

– Dalton wants a neighbourhood that is “just a better place to live.”  

– And 12 year old Daniel “would try to make a better place by having less crack houses in it.”

These kids have a voice and it is up to us to listen to it and more importantly act on it.

Thank you for such a great day!

To join us online please go to

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