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For too long, Ottawa has put families at the back of the line.


For too long, other leaders have told you that this is the way it has to be.

They’ve told us we don’t have a choice.

But Canadians know better.

Canada is the greatest country in the world. It was built on the rock solid belief that if we stick together, we can overcome any challenge.

It’s time Ottawa lived up to it’s promises.

Together, we can change Brant.  Together, we can change Ottawa and it starts with your vote.

I know we can’t fix every problem. But we can take practical steps in the right direction: to hire more doctors and nurses, to boost small business, to create jobs, to make life more affordable, and to improve life for our youth and our seniors.

For too long now, your priorities have been pushed to the end of the line. And those you have elected have taken you for granted.  

You know where we stand. You know we’ll fight for you.

Jack Layton and our team took this historic campaign for change to the road and a lot of it started right here in Brant. Brant riding was the site of the first policy announcement for this historic campaign of ideas and ideals.  


It’s time for a breakthrough in Brant.

At every stop, Jack Layton and our team of New Democrats repeated our commitment to work with others to deliver practical results for Canadians. 

On Monday May 2nd, we have a chance to come together as a country and change what’s wrong with Ottawa.

Jack has been clear.  He’s a leader you can trust.  You know where we stand.  You know we will fight for you.  You know we will work with others to get things done.

To find out where you can vote click here:

If you need information or a ride to the polls call us locally at: 519.751.9111

Now is the time for change, now is the time to vote.

Together we can do this.


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