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– Brant NDP Federal Candidate Marc Laferriere with New Democratic Youth from over a dozen cities across Ontario after presenting a workshop on community development at the party’s youth convention in Hamilton.

Hamilton, ON – As proceedings wrap up today at the Ontario New Democratic Youth Convention in Hamilton, there is a clear message resounding across the province about the strength of the NDP’s presence in Brant.

“This weekend helped us showcase to the youth of the province that the NDP have a solid presence in Brant,” said Marc Laferriere, Federal NDP Candidate for Brant.

Brant sent two delegates to this year’s Convention, with Brant Young New Democrats Chapter President Ryan Jamula and Brant NDP Membership Officer Matt LaRocque representing the riding. The weekend featured a series of integral policy discussions and strategic break away discussions that covered issues both important to Ontario’s youth, and to the New Democratic Party. One of the most intriguing discussions of the weekend involved dispelling the myths of strategic voting, during which Brant Young New Democrats President Ryan Jamula was active in leading the discussion.

“We are very proud of how much both Matt and Ryan were able to help shape the discussion here this weekend,” said Laferriere. “It truly illustrates just how strong the future of the New Democratic Party is in this community.” 25 year-old LaRoque stepped up to the position of ONDY’s Southwestern Regional Coordinator on Sunday Afternoon.

-Marc takes a question during his workshop on community development at the ONDYCON

In addition to the participation of both Jamula and LaRocque at the convention, Brant Federal NDP Candidate Marc Laferriere addressed the delegates, as well as leading a breakaway discussion on Community Development Models for Campaigning. The discussion, attended by youth from over a dozen major municipalities in Ontario, concentrated on finding ways to improve the community without having to include partisan politics.

“You need to understand that the first priority is to figure out how we can make our community better just by running,” Laferriere commented as he addressed the delegates during the session. “We need to work on building a better community 365 days of the year, not just during an election campaign.”

Happenings from the convention were shared with the community live on Twitter and can be found by searching “#brantvotes” on the popular social media website

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New Democratic Youth of Canada – Brant Riding President Ryan Jamula, Brant NDP Membership Officer Matt LaRocque, Marc Laferriere and Ontario NDP Executive Member Kayle Hatt pose for a photo during a break at ONDYCON.


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  1. Kait

    Thanks for attending ONDYCon, Marc, and thank you for your very inspirational words of wisdom at the event. I also attended your workshop on Community Development and I think it's definitely the right model for every candidate to follow while campaigning, as like you said, it's about changing the community, not about getting elected! It was also interesting to hear about community events and ideas from the other youth at the Convention as well; it was great to hear how much positive change is occuring across Ontario because of our collective efforts! 🙂 I am definitely going to pass along what you said to the Young NDP Association of UOIT and Durham College (which I am the president of) and to my federal candidate, Trish McAuliffe.
    Hope we can stay in touch,