From The Brantford Expositor on October 24th, 2018:

Residents in Ward 2, which covers Paris, also voted for change electing newcomers Marc Laferriere and Steve Howes to unseat longtime councillor Shirley Simons.

Laferriere received 1,378 votes and Howes got 1,211, while Simons came in third with 770 votes. They were followed by Steve Acheson, who got 344 votes, Ellay Heys with 296 and Phil Ogborne with 52.

Thanking voters, Laferriere, attributed his successful campaign to several factors.

“I think my platform was a big part of the reason for our success,” he said.

“Issues like accessibility, transit and inclusion were front and centre and I think it spoke to a little bit more of the progressive politics people are looking for.”

“I’m looking forward to working with my wardmate, the rest of council, the new mayor and county staff to help move the county forward.”

Laferriere also thanked Shirley Simons for her decades of service.

“I’ve learned a great deal from her and she has contributed a great deal to our community.”

Laferriere received the most votes of any candidate in the ward races.

You can contact Marc directly at or by phone at 226-934-7379 with your ideas, questions and concerns.



Happy Political Valentine’s Day from today’s Toronto Star. ... See MoreSee Less

Happy Political Valentine’s Day from today’s Toronto Star.


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I wish they didn’t equate Jagmeet with these fellows

2 days ago

Marc Laferriere Councillor for Ward 2 - Paris

Snow day be damned!

I’m currently attending an Association of Municipalities of Ontario Municipal Collaborative Forum on Waste Diversion from my basement today in #ParisOntario.

Got to hang out with my kids this morning instead of trying to slog my way to Toronto for this at 6 am and at no cost to the taxpayer.

I’ve attached some slides we’re going over for folks with an interest in waste diversion. The County of Brant’s waste diversion rate is lower than the provincial average. That needs to change. I’m very supportive of Green Bin or other organic waste program as an example.

But like anything else it’s good to look at all options, pour through the research and consult with the community about what they want to see.

We’re seeing landfill capacity issues across the province - better to be ahead of the curve IMO.
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wtg !!!! keep thinking then start doing woohoo your the man for the job

So glad you did not have to drive. Great information Marc! Thanks for sharing. Diversion initiatives are super important. Reduces amount of agricultural land needed for landfill site, reduces number of garbage trucks making trips, just overall better for the environment if we focus more on the 3R's, eliminate single use plastics

Keep up the good work! Stay safe and warm. We are all enjoying snow days at home.

Suggestions based on other places I've lived ... $0 charge for recyclables at waste management sites. I was flabbergasted when i was charged for dropping off recyclables at the site in Paris after living in Fort Erie and Toronto where recyclables were free to "dump". Encourage people to bring their recyclables to the dump when the miss their designated day, or have lots of stuff that pickup may not service. Also, make it easy to sort our recyclables. Do we need to wash our plastic containers, is all plastic ok, etc? I know that's a tough job to keep us all current on what's acceptable, but it's important.

Love Webinar Trainings!

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