Samantha Lee, Former Operator The Cedar House, Paris Resident:

As a former business operator and resident of downtown Paris, I know the issues we face as our town continues to grow. I am confident Marc Laferriere is what we need, the voice of change, as well as positivity. I believe he will listen to new ideas and ensure we plan for growth in a manner that ensures we stay vibrant and encourages new entrepreneurs to invest in our beautiful town.  I am also hopeful he can help bring council into the 21st century in terms of tolerance, equality and other important issues.


Nora Fueten, Former Federal Green Party Candidate and Minister:

I have known Marc for 10 years and been impressed by his commitment to the well-being of our community. When we were both involved in federal elections, Marc was always courteous and friendly. His sense of humour was evident, as well.

Marc has shown himself to be reliable, open and friendly with everyone. He is knowledgeable about environmental issues in the County of Brant and supports initiatives that will provide for healthy lives here both now and in the future.

Marc will make well-informed decisions about the issues facing council and maintain a high level of respectful debate within council chambers. He will represent the people of his ward honestly and with integrity.


Mike Pearson – Paris Resident, Soccer Coach, Colleague:

Marc Laferriere is experienced, hardworking and more than able to affect positive change in our community. More importantly, Marc is passionate about his work and genuinely cares about doing what is right for our families. As a colleague, I am fortunate to witness at close quarters how Marc exudes honesty, fairness and understanding for members of society who seek his assistance. He shows a genuine understanding of their needs and actively supports and promotes initiatives that help improve their day-to-day lives.

Our community needs new ideas, new vision and an understanding of what is important to our modern and growing society. Marc has the drive, ability and awareness to help our elected council make change for the better, not just for the sake of it!


Rachelle Rousseau – Owner of Rachelle Rousseau Photography, Vice Chair – Downtown Paris Business Improvement Association:

When I think about this election, and how much it affects my business, my home, and my work with the BIA of downtown Paris, I can’t think of a better person to represent the people of Paris and County of Brant, than Marc Laferriere.

Marc’s ability to connect with his community is one of his greatest strengths. Always advocating for social justice, inclusion and better more transparent communication, make him an ideal candidate for council. Raising a family here, I truly believe Marc has the best interests of our community at heart, and has the experience needed to help lead our beautiful town in a direction we’ll all be proud of.

Marc has always been approachable and willing to listen to my concerns regarding issues in our downtown core, and has offered his help on numerous occasions. As vice chair of the downtown Paris BIA, and a business owner in the downtown core, I would be thrilled to have a voice like Marc’s help us create a vibrant downtown that serves all its citizens.


Claire Francis, Writer and Paris Resident:

Marc Laferriere is genuinely invested in our community. Not only is he aware of people’s needs and willing to listen to concerns, he understands the importance of taking a practical, modern approach to politics. I’ve discussed some of my concerns with Marc and I know he recognizes the weight of the issues we face, including the need for local transit options. I’m impressed by Marc’s interest in ensuring our county is functional and serves all of its citizens.


Ella Haley, Langford Conservancy and Ward 5 Candidate: 

Marc is dedicated and community-minded. I have admired his dedication over the years and feel he will make an excellent councillor. People in Ward 2 will be lucky to have him as their representative. Marc is level-headed, does his homework on community issues and is committed to equity.


Carrie Sinkowski, Community Developer with numerous helping agencies that serve Brant County: 

Community work brings many kind-hearted and devoted people into my life. For almost 20 years I have worked in the communities of Brant and Brantford as a community developer. My work is only successful if I collaborate with reliable, creative and compassionate people. In my journey, my path crossed with Marc Laferriere and together we have produced many impactful projects. Our latest was exploring transportation needs in the County of Brant.

Marc has always been one of my “go-to” people. We rely on each other to provide consultation, explore ideas to create community engagement and address the needs of our communities.

I have always lived in a rural area. I know how important it is to have people in municipal government who not only represent the needs of a community, but can be responsive to those needs because they are invested in the betterment of the community.

Marc knows how to engage, organize, reflect and respond in a focused and effective way. I have been witness to his passion and determination for more than 10 years. I would love to see him represent Ward 2.


Kim Newell, Paris Resident and Paris Momma Founder:

Marc Laferriere is an amazing person who wears many hats. As a dad, husband, friend, mentor and politician, Marc is an active and respected member of our community. He works hard and does what he says – and loves what he does. I can’t think of anyone better for Ward 2.


Cindy Brown, Paris Resident, Local Business Owner (Yoga with Cindy):

It is vital that people vote according to their values, so I’ll be voting for Marc Laferriere in Ward 2 this fall. Marc is an effective advocate for social justice, acceptance, economic opportunity and equality. He is a thoughtful and understanding person who listens to, engages with and advocates for all people. As a caring husband, father and educator, he embodies empathy, compassion and heart in everything he does.

Marc is a contributing member of our community and represents the best interests of the people in our beautiful town of Paris. He can hit the ground running on Day 1 of his term by connecting council with community.

I especially appreciate Marc’s thoughtful leadership. He seeks out new ideas and different perspectives, weighs alternatives, considers potential outcomes and develops reasonable positions. He’s approachable and engaged – and genuinely committed to good governance. Please join me in voting for Marc Laferriere in Ward 2.


Jason Teakle, Former Brant News Reporter, County Council Beat:

I’ve known Marc for nearly 10 years through my work as a journalist, which included four years covering County of Brant municipal council. Marc understands better than anyone I know what working, middle-class people need from their governments. He will bring that knowledge to his work as Ward 2 councillor. I encourage you to cast a vote for Marc.


Kyle Nixon, Paris Resident, 2014 Ward 2 Candidate:

As a former Ward 2 candidate, I understand the issues we face. I couldn’t think of a better person for the job of councillor. Marc has the drive, vision and talent that Paris needs going forward.


Jay Grimes, Paris Resident:

Of all the people I have met during six years living in Paris, Marc is the one who has shown the greatest interest and personal investment in our community. Through his campaign for the federal NDP and his ongoing involvement with local groups and committees, he has shown his desire to make the County of Brant a great place to live and raise a family. This has been made most visible through his efforts to promote our upcoming municipal election through shared forums and opportunities to meet all of the candidates. What impresses me most is his desire to promote the best interests of the community over and above his own. I would encourage everyone to attend one of the great opportunities to meet your candidates and to vote this coming October. And if you reside in Ward 2, I would recommend you consider voting for Marc Laferriere.


Mike Shea, Paris Resident:

Marc Laferriere is involved in the community and genuinely cares about it. He doesn’t just show this interest when there is an election coming up. He is also an all-around nice guy who will always stop and say “hi.”


Kari Raymer Bishop, Paris Resident and small-business owner:

I am so excited to endorse Marc Laferriere for Ward 2 Councillor in the County of Brant. Municipal government is so important and has such a direct effect on our quality of life. If we want to see a better community, we need to elect better representatives who will make the right decisions for us.

Marc has spent years investing himself in making our community better. He brings integrity, insight and intentionality to every group he joins. He recognizes the value of hard work and cooperation – giving his best effort but also bringing out the best in others.

Marc treats others, especially those who disagree with him, with respect and consideration. He goes beyond just listening, to actually seeking input and asking the tough questions that lead to better decisions. Marc has a beautiful way of making everything better. It’s not magic; he works hard at it. I am absolutely convinced that our council, our town, our county will be better with Marc at the table.


Ken Burns, Multi-time Green Party Candidate and Local Volunteer: 

I first met Marc when he was a candidate in the 2011 federal election. Marc bubbled with enthusiasm for public service and passionate belief in community. In the years since, on and off the campaign trail, that enthusiasm and passion has not faded, but rather matured as Marc continues to grow as a community champion and leader.

Marc has my support for Council because he epitomizes public service and lives his true belief in community. In a world where populist politics is dividing communities along political lines and leading to short sighted and poor decision making, Marc stands apart from the crowd by speaking out for what he knows to be right, whether or not it is also popular.

Marc trusts that well-informed people will support good decisions for their community. Marc knows that good ideas come from all stripes and types, and he will work with everyone, regardless of their politics, on ideas and initiatives that make our community stronger. Marc understands that real community engagement is not just an issue-by-issue survey and debate, but rather a two-way dialogue that never ends.

Marc has always worked to build capacity and consensus in community. Online and in person, Marc is a dedicated, non-partisan, community champion who will look to work with the people to build the future of Brant County.

If you believe in community engagement, working collaboratively, and taking a sustainable approach, then Marc Laferriere is the strongest choice for Councillor in this election.


Brant Greens:

Municipal government is the closest to the people. The decisions that are made at Council have the most direct impact on every day life for residents, and also lay the groundwork for what our communities will look like in the future. The decisions that are made today will shape the community we live in tomorrow. Marc has a vision for the future of our community. Marc’s vision is shaped by listening to the concerns, hopes, and dreams of the people of Brant.

More than just his friends and neighbours, Marc makes the effort to be accessible to the community at large. Whether online or in person, however you want to engage him, Marc is willing. As a volunteer himself and veteran community champion, Marc understands how important it is to listen to those who disagree with him as much as those who agree.

Marc understands the value of the triple bottom line and a long-term perspective. Beyond community engagement and consultation, Marc recognizes that the best decisions are made by considering the financial, social, and environmental benefits and consequences of our decisions, today and tomorrow.

The Brant Greens endorse Marc Laferriere for County of Brant Council, not just because he recognizes the value of the natural services the Greenbelt provides and the need to protect our natural assets as we grow our community, not just because he recognizes the value of community engagement and consultation in an increasingly complex, busy, and diverse world, not just because he recognizes the value looking beyond the short term, and considering the full and lifecycle costs when calculating financial impact, the Brant Greens support Marc because he is a proven community champion with the heart and vision to inspire a collaborative approach to a sustainable future for our community.


Also the only candidate for any council position in the County of Brant our local Labour Council. Read more on that by clicking here.

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