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LPAT results are in and available to the public – despite an unusually long delay from the time of the decision to public release by this provincial tribunal.

This underscores how important the revisions we are making to the Official Plan process are. Some of what we do there will make certain things unappealable for developers and prevent so much going to LPAT on the whim of these companies and generally LPAT is a process that favours developers interest over local control. Yes, I’m aware I sound like a broken record on this.

Please join us in the new Official Plan process if you haven’t yet:

I know there are many local folks who wish they had done so the last time we had a chance to change the Official Plan. Then we weren’t as aware of how big the provincial push for us to be a part of the “Places to Grow” Act would be nor did we conceive of the “More Homes, More Choice” Act and how much both would effect growth in the community.

Now that we know what it’s like when being targeted so heavily we have a real chance to change our policies to reflect that and push back for future generations.

Or we can look back 30 years from now and say we wish we had.

From the County of Brant News Release:

The Local Planning Appeal Tribunal Approves the Paris Grand Subdivision

County of Brant, ON – On February 4, 2021, the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (LPAT) issued a decision in support of the “Paris Grand Subdivision” housing development located at 150 Paris Links Road in Paris (formerly known as the Paris Grand Country Club). The lands, which include 61 hectares, have been designated as residential in the Official Plan for over 25 years.

The LPAT ruled that during Phase 1(a) up to 125 housing units may be built. Site preparation for Phase 1(a) is currently underway. A total of 747 housing units are expected to be built over a number of years.

“In 2018, Paris Grand Estates Inc. brought forward revisions to their development proposal for Council’s consideration,” said Mayor David Bailey. “As a Council, we have clearly heard the concerns from Paris residents regarding the ongoing development of the community and we were not prepared to accept the changes without properly addressing the community’s concerns.”

As a result, Paris Grand Estates Inc. appealed to the LPAT. The LPAT is an adjudicative tribunal that hears cases about land use matters. The LPAT reports to the Ministry of the Attorney General.

Since the proposed development is located within the “Urban Settlement Area Boundary” for Paris, is in compliance with the Official Plan and the Province of Ontario designated Brant as a “Place to Grow”, the LPAT supported the new housing development.

When a Developer appeals to the LPAT, the County of Brant does not have authority to make any decisions. However, the LPAT provided Brant the opportunity to work with the Paris Grand Estates Inc. to resolve issues.

Breakdown of Phasing:

  • Phase 1a – up to 125 housing units
  • Phase 1b – up to 106 housing units
  • Phase 1c – up to 137 housing units
  • Phase 2a – up to 46 housing units
  • Phase 2b – up to 42 housing units
  • Phase 4 – up to 114 housing units
  • Phase 5 – up to 150 housing units

Achievements include:

·        The development will be phased over a number of years:

·        A mix of housing options will be available

·        The natural environment will be protected

·        24 hectares of public open spaces will be incorporated

·        2.5 hectares of public parks will be incorporated

·        A new trail network for walking and cycling through the area and along the Grand River waterfront will beincorporated.

The housing project will be serviced with municipal water and wastewater (paid for by the developer) and additional roads will be constructed during phase two. The Grand River Street North Corridor Municipal Class Environmental Study was completed with the Paris Grand Subdivision in mind. As a result, significant traffic and pedestrian improvements to the intersection of Silver Street and Grand River Street N. and the future West River Road will be completed, as well as, additional road construction projects to accommodate future traffic flows.

For more information about the Paris Grand Subdivision, please visit