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PARIS, ON – County of Brant Ward 2 Candidate Marc Laferriere is doing a different kind of political event on Wednesday August 29th, 2018.  He will be renting out the Syl Apps Arena turf at 51 William St., Paris, Ontario from 10:00 AM – 11:30 AM and filling it with toys for young kids to play with so that their parents and caregivers can engage with local political candidates.

“As a young family we know how hard it can be to engage with politics in a meaningful way when most of the events are at bedtimes and nap times and without activities or space for kids,” said Laferriere.  “We kept hearing from local families that they can’t make it out for political events because the timing often isn’t a good fit if you have young children.  My wife Rebekah had this idea to try something different.”

The free event will have an informal drop-in style where parents and caregivers can get to know Laferriere and other candidates who choose to attend while safe recreational activities are available for children.

“It is a free and open event and I want any other candidates in the county – including those in Ward 2 vying for the same position to feel welcome,” said the 37 year-old candidate with two young children of his own. “What’s best for the community and for these parents and caregivers is the opportunity to engage in local politics as a whole and not feel left out of the process.”

“We are one big community and after this election we all have to work together.  Why not start now?”

Laferriere and his campaign team hope this may be a practical example of how to open the doors and make it so that more people can become involved and informed about local politics.

Laferriere who already has a platform available at is promising a number of items around “respectful, accessible communication” if elected on October 22nd including office hours for constituents to meet with their councillor, quarterly town halls, regular open café hours for youth and seniors and other responsive practices.

“I would hope to include events like this as another option for folks if elected in October and invite other elected officials to be a part of it on an ongoing basis to help keep people with young families engaged and heard.”

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